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Adelaide Furniture Trends

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Adelaide furniture trends

Do you live in Adelaide?

Are you interested in the latest Adelaide furniture trends? For home owners and renters alike, creating a living space that is not only functional but stylish too can be hugely enjoyable.

Have a look at our latest Adelaide furniture trends and get inspired to make your home exactly how you want it.

  1. Natural World

Did you know that this year it’s all about nature? Trees on your wallpaper, flowers on your tiles, as much fresh air as you can welcome in to your home.

Nature seems to be everywhere in Adelaide homes this year so get inspired with colours and materials that remind you of the natural world.

Adelaide furniture suppliers

  1. Animal Kingdom

With so much nature in your home, animals seem to be putting in an appearance too on the design scene. Whether it’s an oversized painting of a roaring lion, or a mantelpiece sculpture of your favourite creature, incorporate animals into your overall design to be on trend in Adelaide.

  1. Mad about Maps

Everyone’s loving maps at the moment.

Whether it’s an old style map of the world, or the latest subway guide to New York or London, putting maps up in your home can look super stylish. Why not have them printed as cushion or fabric coverings for a little twist?

  1. See Through?

See through tables are in at the moment.

Have you noticed how many people are on trend with their large glass tables – either in big family kitchens, or tucked away in sleek studio flats. Invest in a sturdy version so you can use it for years to come.

  1. Lights Up

Lighting wise it’s all about the geometric shapes at the moment. Look at materials such as steel or copper and go for straight lines with lots of angles. Always ask an electrician for help if you can’t install them yourself.

  1. Rustic Chic

Go for big baskets of cherries on the counter tops and huge Swedish style dressers in your kitchen or bedroom. Furniture can be complemented with accessories when it comes to rustic chic and you’ll feel like you’re living in a magazine feature.

  1. Warm fabrics

In Winter months Adelaide can get pretty chilly so make sure you’ve got comfortable sofas and cosy chairs to curl up in. Always go for fabrics that can keep you warm or throw over extra blankets and rugs.

  1. Exterior Furniture Inside

Just because Summer comes to an end, doesn’t mean you have to get rid of those beautiful wooden chairs or the big padded cushions from your sun loungers. Find ways to bring the exterior look into your home and have a reminder of Summer all season long.

  1. Floor Fun

Wooden and stone floors are all the rage at the moment – but they can be cold and less than comfortable. Experiment with small strips of carpet or luxurious rugs to give your home a more sumptuous feel.

  1. Back to the Old Days

Go vintage or retro with a trip to the market or your nearest car boot sale. We’ve all heard about up cycling and rummaging for antiques or old souvenirs is not only a great day out, it’ll leave your home looking super stylish and funky.

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How to come up with inspiration for your home furniture

When you’re at home everyday, it can be hard to get perspective on how to refresh the look of each room and give a bit of a boost to your home furniture.

However, getting inspired and updating your home can be huge amounts of fun and you’ll enjoy compliments galore from friends and family when they see the end results.

Check out some ideas here:

If you’re struggling to get inspired, follow our top tips:

  1. Think About You

There’s no point going for furniture that is super modern, minimalist and utterly impractical to your needs if you’ve actually got a gaggle of children, pets and a busy lifestyle.

Similarly, you may not need huge sofas and childproof materials if you’re a young professional to whom sleek design is a priority. Think about what’s right for you as a first step to getting inspired.

If you need some training, you can go here:

  1. Mood Boards

Collect as many ideas you can. Seek inspiration everywhere you go. From journeys to cinema trips, to art galleries and parks – take pictures of colours you like or patterns that get your attention.

Once you’ve collected lots of images and samples, you can start to create mood boards to help get an idea of the type of home furniture that might work for you.

  1. Space Matters

It’s really important to consider the space that you have available as this will be one of the biggest factors in determining what’s feasible and what’s not with your home furniture. Think how much space you need and how much space you can create by changing the layout of rooms or subtracting or adding furniture.

  1. Storage Counts

If you want to have everything tucked away in hidden drawers, you’ll be going for a certain type of home furniture. If you want everything displayed on shelves or surfaces, you’ll be looking at something different.

Work out how you want to store your things – and then work your home furniture around that.

  1. Colours and Textures

Once you’ve got the practical parts out the way, the fun really starts. You can decide on the colours and textures that you want in your home and start to find the home furniture that really matches this style.

Patterned or plain? Luxury or Basic? Soft or rough?

There’s an endless amount of choice out there so mix it up, have fun and enjoy the process of watching your dreams come to life!